Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not Shocking

The electricity went down several days ago.  Had nothing to do with a storm or other acts of God.

The column supporting the meter split and broke, sending sparks flying.  Power company came and shut us down.  We had to engage an electrician to build a new column and reposition it, all up to code.

It may well have been a blessing in disguise.  The results could have been worse.  And now the house has an up to code improvement.

We were without power for 8 days, due in part to scheduling. 

I cleared the fridge and transplanted frozen stuff to the big freezer.  It was also lacking power, but due to frost, ice and great insulation, we saved 90% of our food.

It only slightly cramped my style internetwise. There is a great library branch nearby, so I just walked and took care of business.  It was part of my heart and lung anyway.  I usually do 4 posts here, one a day, end of the month, but not always.  So, I'm typing this in the last hours of the month.  No biggie.

I charged my battery and had several hours of editing/writing at night.  I also made sure my phone was juiced up too.

Yes, I used existing facilities because this was a limited event.  What to do if it's more drastic/permanent?  That is in the realm of threat assessment/situation analysis.  Go or stay, generator or bug out bag and so on come into play.

It was interesting transposing 18th and 21st centuries.  Computer by candlelight -s-.

And noise well I could hear the night sounds as it crossed my mind our ancestors even farther back and how they handled darkness.

We adapt.  Be flexible.  Use what you've got wisely and prepare.

It' not shocking if we bear in mind that we must face each challenge and sometimes several at a time.

Prepare but just do it.


ghost of schluep said...

There are still good craftsmen around.

Mike H said...

Eyes and ears.

rosa said...

Not shocking, no electricity. I find the parallel amusing.