Sunday, February 28, 2016

Death Penalty

Ooh.  What a piquant topic.  Death is our constant companion. 

And I shouldn't even say the depths and heights this can take.

Capital crime must be punished.  How is the question.

There are sides pro and con re death or life imprisonment.

Why should some monster continue to live at taxpayers expense after murdering others?

Is all life sacred?

There is no quick fix here but I think it's a combination of mismanagement and moral laxity.

The prison system, along with the whole justice system, is corrupt and too often equivocal.  No wonder the process for those on death row takes years and fees and some kind of dance which is played to the music of money and power at the expense of victims' families and friends.  And justice.  it becomes just a word to be batted about like a tether ball.

Just offhand, I'm reminded of a child rapist, a big brute, who mutilated girls round the age of 7 so he could perform his evil.  He's now in prison.  Punished?  No.  He has become an enforcer in stir for certain criminal elements to exact punishment on members incarcerated.  It's an ugly thing, unspeakable.  Except we need to speak.

The above illustrates there are those, though in human form, are not human.  Psychopaths of course and if you will indulge me, the demonic or those who willingly embrace evil.  There is nothing sacrosanct there and they do not embrace all that is Light.

Word games have taken the place of action.  Supposedly that's so we don't all do something rash like, say, defend ourselves in location or even courts.

Justice, for anyone, is supposed to be timely.  It's guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  But, like the rest of our Freedom, it has been turned into a process where said rights are bargained away.  Yes, I'm saying this is all part of rewriting the Republic into something dead opposite.

The 'system' needs to be overhauled.  It will be part of restoring the Republic.

It won't become some grim reaperesque monstrosity, though liberals would like to paint it that way.  Simple timely justice.  It is what we are all supposed to experience.

The rewiting of our BoR, when done completely, will strip it of efficacy, so the collectivists think.  They want a country which is just a part of a hive.  Punishment and courts will administer swiftly however.  It will be done in the style we have seen in communist/fascist/Islamist territories.  The state will make it so.  There will be no rights of man, so they 'hope'.

We must 'change' that.  We must bring it back bit by bit to effective individual justice.

The death penalty for murderers and rapists, as well as traitors etal, will be fair as it should be.  We cannot deny to one and not to another. 

Death is fair?  Yes, when the crime calls for it.  As cited above, not for changing faith or wishing or acting to establish Freedom.

Oh and traitors re death penalty.  It's perfectly reasonable and just.  They threaten the structure for all and can cause subsequent deaths among the people.

What will happen?  Death of the Republic or death to tyranny?

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