Friday, February 26, 2016


This might be connection month.  We'll see.

I've mentioned before that I had some lipomas removed and some polyps too.  No cancer thank God.  My ordeal has been small compared, to say, Mike Vanderboegh.  Hope many of you are helping him in his last months.  Kindly check out

Point is every effort is made to excise tumors/lipomas.  Sometimes they grow back.  You have to get all the ganglia.  More to it than that but that's the summation.

Cut 'em out, shrink 'em and keep checking.  I'm not due for a while, but I suspect I'll have checkups the rest of my life.

Collectivism is like that too.  It is a social, psychological, spiritual cancer, with many ganglia/branches of subversion and many interconnected conspiracies.  One goal: to make the whole world collectivist.  That's it.  The connection.

There are many treatises old and new concerning this.  Mike Vanderboegh, who is a former communist, has many himself.  I'm just pointing you to him and others who see the interconnections.  They are often independent of one another.  But be sure, their purpose is as stated above.

It is a constant, unending, tedious purpose for those who value Liberty and are working to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

Take a look, research starting with Mike's voluminous work/exposes.

Many hands make lighter work.  Don't shirk.  Do a little here or a lot there and be, to borrow a commie term, fellow travelers, on the road to health and Freedom.

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