Sunday, January 31, 2016

Awards Rewards Rules

Diversity, as defined by our collectivist enemies, is a joke.  The lib version is of course the opposite of E Pluribus Unum-from many one.  It is about creating unbalanced dissension and antipathy.  Divide et Impera. 

There's a flap re the Oscars.  Apparently all the acting nods are white.  Black actors etc are furious.  Some are.  Have yet to see any oppose the boycott surge going on.  Rather like waiting for 'moderate muslims' opposing jihad.

Frankly, in a way, it's just more diversion, smoke and mirrors compared to what else is happening re US and worldwide Freedom being attacked.  It is endemic of collectivist 'opposite day shenanigans.

Greedy spoiled collectivists want MORE blacks to be nominated/win.  It's the insane racist bs we've seen for many a year, promulgated by collectivist enemies.  With these schm**ks it's never enough. Just look at how they go after our guns, let alone anything else.

2years ago, 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture.  There have actually been several black and associated wins over the years.  On TV, it's the same.  There're never enough blacks nor Hispanics etc.  Some obviously want dominance, not balance.  I was called racist for pointing this out.  What a weak Alinskyan attempt to put me down.

As far as this Oscar biz goes, I talked with my old pal Kava about awards.  I was interested more in the past and it was pointed out and I agreed, that artists should produce art.  If it wins ok.  Just get your work out there.  Come what may, that's my thought now.  Guess we'll see soon with my books scripts and even some acting rising up.

Remember, I'm not white.  I'm part American Indian.  Who cares save it is part of me.  Content of character is most important for me let alone others.

I'll leave this with some good words from, oh my, a bunch of white folks.

The last two, Fraser Heston and Bill Mumy, deal with a draconian maneuver by liberal academy denizens to reshape the awards in an even more progressive matrix than before by expulsing honored folks who are either retired or work now infrequently. 

Cultural Marxism bites its own tail.

As for me, I'm sure my stuff will be damned or sidelined by the collectivists.  my light will shine though.  It won't be anywhere near as eloquently as the above people nor many others.

It is its own reward.


kava's ghost said...

Oscars schmoscars.

combat final said...

There is no end to it. Unless we end it.

Mike H said...

Also, these people I quote may or may not share my views here. Never asked them. They speak well and I agree with them but would never tie them to me in any particular way other than that.

K Lown said...

Buds, it's a club vote thing. not racist. Lotsa reasons people make that list or don't. It's close and with soooo many liberals come on racist? It is to laff...

Oskar said...

heck out what Gerald Molen said:

black is back said...

Ice Cube opportunist?

meh said...

Much ado about meh