Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hollywood Traitors

I've read parts of this book from longtime Hollywood resident Allan Ryskind.  Now I'm delving into it.

This isn't a review.  Maybe later in the year I'll do one.  This is a recommendation to read it.

It details the machinations of collectivists in the US under the orders of Stalin and Comintern to further revolution here.

Hollywood was subverted but not completely.  They have tipped the balance now obviously.

Notably, the socalled Hollywood Ten are featured including the infamous traitor Dalton Trumbo.  They still have champions or fellow travelers now as then.

It's shown the American commies supported Hitler at the behest of Stalin when they had their pact.  Collectivist is as collectivist does.

When Hitler invaded Russia, Stalin ordered US commies to fight against him, suspending subversive activities til after the war.

The detail and craftiness are so textured and intricate, it is still how they operate.

Remember what Van Helsing said re vampires, the their strength lies in people believing they do NOT exist.  A lot of people feel that way about various collectivists.  There are actually more than ever.

Take time and read it.  Study up on the enemy.

Remember we can counter them and actually achieve the initiative.  Bit by bit.

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