Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ticking Picking

Few of us know how long we have in this mortal coil.

We hope, pray and either do or don't.

No, I'm not gonna talk about Mike Vanderboegh.  I do hope some of you at least do something for him.  He's done so much for us.

Sometimes, amazingly, it's hard to find things to talk about.  There is a miasma where one thing blends into another or dissipates after a hot 'oh oh' then declines to meh, like a balloon with a slow leak.

I've talked of picking and choosing and using your time. The clock ticks.

It's much more than 'I've got to do something'.  Do something specific.  Because doing nothing, though arguably,  is doing something, only detracts.  Yes, Edmund Burke comes to mind. 

Keep the light of Freedom in mind.  Talk to one person.  Get them to thinking.  It can cause a chain reaction.  The more the merrier beats misery loves company.

The clock ticks.  It might pick for you.

Watching things go by is just that.  Getting involved is making a difference, no matter how miniscule.

You'll never know til you try.  I'm not a Jedi so trying IS doing -s-.  Til we get it right.

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