Friday, January 29, 2016

1st and Hindmost

People are capable of great evil.  There are many putrid flavors and I will not dignify them here.  We all know perusing the news let alone personally, the vast panoply of darkness perpetrated by beings.  who have given up their humanity in exchange for whatever they deem gain.  And there are always some who pursue wanton evil for its own sake.

I'm not going to discuss theology nor particular articles of any faith.  But there is a root of evil which is spiritual.

Body, our physical bodies, Mind, our mental faculties, Spirit, the eternal part which leaves the body at death, are endemic in my way of thinking.  There is also what I call Psyche, just a handy term for God given wisdom or perhaps sometimes a wall or ditch we run into.

I've been reviewing some writings and experiences of certain people who battle spiritual evil.  I agree there is inhumanity, capable of hate, crime and ensuing pain.  But there is something deeper and worse.  It's the source, the fallen.  There is a spiritual evil with seemingly bottomless hatred for mankind/creation.  It's almost unfathomable.  I believe this evil is reflected in collectivism.

There is nothing more prideful, elitist, consuming than collectivism in its many permutations.  I've reviewed them before and most reading this know what they are.  Commies, Nazis, Islamists are the most common.  They all crush self and destroy initiative.  It is the antithesis of E Pluribus Unum, from many one, that sums up our Republic.

Pride is the root of that evil and is obvious in collectivism.  Those dedicated followers, fellow travelers and true believers think we who accept Liberty and free will are trifling inferior cretins.  To me, the goals of communism etal are the worldly outbreak of fallen nature.

Taking a look at Judeo/Christian sources, fallen angels became demons, following a chief fallen one in lockstep.  It is the goal of that evil font to rewrite creation in its own matrix.  The mass of followers are slaves to the leader and its endgame.

You can argue if Alinsky was being tongue in cheek with his dedication of Rules for Radicals to that chief fallen.  Know your enemy and decide for yourself.

The fallen is reflected in collectivism, first and hindmost.

The Republic is based and inspired by God given Freedom.

The contrast is like night and day.

And you don't have to believe any of it.  Both good and evil wend their ways through our lives regardless.

For weal or woe we are in the eternal fight.

1st and foremost. 


teacher said...

Thank God you didn't say irregardless.

Mike H said...

Don't start that teach -s-.

Anonymous said...

God as obstructionist?

Mike H said...

Stumbling blocks of our own device.

Old Number 2 said...

6 of one half dozen of another.

Mike H said...

Not really.

Anonymous said...

Collectivism based on lies, half truths. Same for demonic.