Saturday, February 27, 2016


Bits and pieces.  I suppose mosaic might fit.  But let's go with facets.

First, on the lofty plain of titles, labels, philosophies, I've mentioned there are many different yet similar types of collectivists.  Marxists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, Fascists, Nazis, Mohammadans, etc.  There are many derivatives, subheadings and even groups whose behavior is collectivist, but try to mask it.  Think 'liberal' and 'progressive'.

Some still want to violently overthrow govs, as did the Stalinists.  Others want to gradually subvert and turn the gov, as do Trotskyites.  And gradual socialism to communism is the hopeful MO of Fabians.

As most know, I usually do posts that point the way to more.  There are enough treatises about so many subjects.  I also know this place is often a first stop for people who wish to help reestablish our Republic and others round the world who strive for the same thing.

Go and get to the digging out facts, the research where the rubber hits the road to expose and counter these enemies of humanity who have so many names.  Find like minded folks and raise awareness.  There, one can use many ways to communicate.  Just don't descend to a 'neener neener' mindset aka ad hominems.  Though an occasional jibe is good.  It relieves the tension lol.  Not to mention caricature/cartoon satire.

Like a polished or unpolished stone, there are many curves and cuts that make it up.  Attractive or ugly, there are many facets.

Not to ignore all the subheadings, the organizations that are collectivist fronts.  We're dealing with the tyranny of jihadist efforts to make a pig look good with lipstick.  There are oldie but baddie commie fronts.  And cover for intelops, well we all use those.  Why it's called spying.

Speaking of axis powers, look to Russia, Iran and China.  Just a heads up.

And the occupier of the Oval Office is hand holding under the table with them.

All in all, with such pretty shiny things such as giveaways and safety, we need to look past the facets at the whole.

And then, we need to do whatever has to be done to stop the dark carbuncle of evil.


teacher said...

To disparage enemies of Freedom is important.

Mike H said...

Yes. Turning the tables on Alinsky's #5 and the rest of theRules for Radicals.

teacher said...

Shining the light of truth on the lies and half truths.

Mike H said...