Friday, May 30, 2014


I could start this with my love of soup.  You name it, if I haven't tried it, I most likely will.

Let us cut to the chase.  And though alphabet agencies come to mind this is about more.  The ABC's play a part in a larger picture.

There is no need to delve into conspiracy theories.  They are another element/ingredient in the soup.  Yes some are true, some lies and some mixed-mostly mixed.

There are people, besides those who are paid to work up scenarios, who are paid to muddy the water.  It's no accident Jedburgh is the name of a character in the Martin Campbell movie Edge of Darkness.  His job was to assess, derail and yes muddy the waters as well as eliminate anyone seeking and onto truth.  They exist, whether you believe it or not.  That doubt of course is part of the soup.

There are so many theories floating around such as JFK and 911.  Careful checking this stuff out.  You might just end up chasing your own tail like a distracted pup.  You might find a message in the ravioli.

I will suggest again that you look at the results of the actions.  What has happened since each of these pivotal events? 

Also, study history.  I mean dig.  Don't accept a high school or college text concerning anything.  Research, cross reference and keep looking.  Study behavior too.  It is the crux of why we are.

Are there 'forces' aka powerful people wanting to dominate us all?  Sure  Always have been.  Don't know if they always will be.  Til it ends, rest assured there are always some who wish to control, who believe the people are incapable of self government.  Or worse, some who know we can fulfill our own destiny but are callous and control for the 'love' of it.  That's evil in a nutshell.

Those who control hate the most those of us who not just see, but are systematically building where they destroy.

So check the recipes and see what soup's on!  Feel free -s- to change the menu!


Sou Chef said...

Don't forget the crackers!

Mike H said...

There are those who look for a simple answer. There are those who seek texture. Both may be right -s-.