Monday, July 28, 2014


It's unbelievable.  Then again, as with collectivists, every day is opposite day, as David Codrea says.

My ex saw someone with a button stating 'I'd Rather Be Raped Than Carry a Gun'.  She didn't have a chance to talk to this woman.  But it did cause a reaction.

She wondered if this person had actually ever been raped.  Degradation and violation, with soul killing results following this evil act.  My ex was raped at the age of six.  It has taken her much time to work through and triumph over this. 

Rape is among the most emotional issues.  It is vile, an attempt to rob the victim of everything dear and human.  Violence doesn't cover it.  It can destroy not just the victim, it makes victims of the friends and family as well.  Hats off to those who work each day to help victims heal, survive and be victorious.

For someone to say think or have a button stating a horrid preference is unthinkable, to those of us who choose to defend ourselves.  And I won't go into detail.   It's just stupid.

Liberals/collectivists seem to be inviting rape with their naïve notions of what to do.

Whistles, vomiting and urination are given to supposedly stop a rapist. 

Resistance is important.  I suggest women./girls and men/boys get as much training with firearms and close quarter fighting as they can.   Also condition yellow is basic.  Wary and aware of surroundings, trying to stick to well traveled places etc are essential. 

It is our right to defend ourselves.  It's endemic, natural, God given and only enumerated in the Bill of Rights. 

Far as rape goes, we are assaulted with half baked and cockamamie ideas from those who cannot conceive horrible reality.  We are inundated with collectivist tricks and schemes constantly.  Go toe to toe withthem and speak the truth.

I do not wish rape on anyone.  But some will suffer because they won't admit it can happen to them.

Further, don't be silent.  These are secrets we must not keep.  Get help if it happens and prepare to fight in the future.

Don't let rapists win by killing your spirit.


teacher said...

My heart goes out to her. I know she's doing well.

Mike H said...

That she is and still intends to be a lawyer helping kids who are raped.