Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Resort

This short lived series is quite a thrill ride.  And like most entertainment (I urge folks to remember this is just that.  It is speculative fiction at best, though well done.), it is piqued to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It delivers.

Don't think I'm going off half cocked like keyboard commandos,  this show tells a highly fictionalized account of nuclear confrontation.  It mixes DC intrigue, Russian and Chinese attempted stealing of a US nuclear sub.

Below is a Wikipedia page that gives fairly straightforward plot and other production data.  These always cut off the last parenthesis.  It'll take you to choices and you can find the link there.  Or cut and paste.

Also here are some viewer reviews at IMDB. 

Decide for yourself what you think re probability, accuracy etc.  I'm interested in impressions.

Could a corrupt President and members of the Cabinet conspire to create a crisis dire enough for nuclear attack?  Could a sub Captain question orders?  Could US military oppose one another?  Would other countries try to take advantage?  Could loyalties/allegiances be divided under stress?  What do you think? I'm not asking for discussion here.  This blog serves as an appetizer, whereas the main courses are dished up elsewhere.

So see Last Resort and think, seek, ask those who know.  And remember, it is only the delusional who think they 'know the score' after viewing such pieces or reading spy/military novels.  You cannot become specops after watching/reading nor anything else, save for training and actual experience.  Same for gun use and close quarter combat/fighting.  If you want to defend yourself well, learn how from competent instructors.  Never to late to learn nor add to the toolbox.

Good fiction should be thought provoking.  Dig, read and research.  Ask those who have been in real situations, but only as far as they can tell you.

Also, remain positive lest events in reality let alone fiction, flock to disillusion and lead you to give up.  Don't buy that bad loaf.

Look for a message in the ravioli.

Always seek truth.


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To late lol?

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