Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cowboys And Aliens

Wow.  I had so many angles re titles for this.  I don't pick titles to be cute, but I often offer headlines that grab attention and I hope, through my work, to get people to think and then do.

And believe me, it's an effort to actually NOT publish more blog entries.  I have many thoughts but so little time.  It's not a cop out.  I've often said this place is either a palette for a portrait or an appetizer for a main course.  So many others are prolific.  Go to David Codrea's War On Guns and go down the list. I do. 

As for my time , it is spent as said before, working on my career.  Selfish?  No.  I know where I'm best able to do something.  And I meet a lot of people on the way as I sow seeds along my path.  Still there is more, but I prefer to let things be.   The Earth turns, with each and every one of us playing a part, no matter how small, in events as it does.  And believe this, doing nothing is playing a part, albeit negative.

The border mess is multileveled collectivism.  First, it causes immediate chaos and destruction in the Southwest.  Then, illegal aliens are distributed throughout the country.  Gang members are prominent among the illegals.  Increased violence such as rape robbery and murder happen as sidekicks to the drug trade.  There is also health threat from so many streaming here.  These lead to some brownie points for our commies.

The infrastructure is compromised.  Millions of voters could swell the ranks and turn an election tide for collectivists on both sides of the aisle.  More jobs are robbed from Americans and put into the hands of people whose allegiance is either to another country or to the 'what's in it for me' bunch.

Gang activity is rising nationwide.  Ruthless monsters, both domestic and foreign have infused the cities.  This can demoralize many and fuel the fire of gun control. 

There is nothing racist nor cruel regarding the cold hard facts. And those 'kid's coming here?  Many are teens and quite a few of those are gang tied.  It's the same statistic stuffing that goes on re gun deaths.

What can you do?  Expose this.  Be relentless in sharing the facts and counter the collectivist broad brush of making the illegals saints and anyone opposing them sinners.

Reveal gang activity and insist we have the right to defend ourselves.  Urge the cops and their statist bosses to target the criminals and not decent honest citizens.

We are a country of many races, faiths and cultures.  We band for the common hope of Freedom and self determination.  That even at one time included several illegals who came with the hope of ctual earned citizenship and taking the subsequent oath seriously.

Don't let the outlaws make criminals of you!

Do not be afraid and keep your chin up.

Refuse tyranny.

The Constitution including the Bill of Rights is our rope.

Let's lasso the rascals and stop the invasion.

Resist and pick your battles on all levels.

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