Sunday, December 28, 2014


Lines.  From one point to another.  Sequential development.  Mathematical permutations.  All this comes to mind re linear.  Straight to the point. 

It can mean get in line.  Get with the program.  Line up with whatever is current thought. 

Anyway -s- the other night I was in  Meijers store.  It's one of those 'superstores' containing just about everything like a Walmart.

Well I hadn't been out for a while, having suffered some kind of flu bug.  Coughing, weak, etc, you know the symptoms.

So, I got the few things I needed for the larder and headed to the checkout.

I decided for the self checkout, hoping to quickly get going so I could rest. 

Looking around, I noticed a few lines extending across the path into some of the aisles.  The self checkout seemed relatively clear.  Mind you, the devices are sort of staggered, in that while waiting, one might find a more distant checkout available.  People often crisscross.

So I glanced around and saw 2 or 3 folks across the path between the stations and some of the clothing aisles.

I positioned my self behind a couple of young ladies who also had few items.  It was one of those 12 item or less checkouts.

As I waited, a woman sidled up to me.  She didn't look me directly in the eye, but declared I had cut in line.  There were people waiting across the path.

Now far be it from me to cut lines.  Never have.  I've negotiated for a space now and then and have even been given a forward spot when someone with more stuff saw I had few items. 

I said 'really'.  Ok where is the 'line'.  It was apparently the gaggle of 3 folks waiting across the path.

I told them to please go ahead, it was relative and we all had few things.

Could have held my line, maybe just gone on.  But I acquiesced. 

I observed several things.

First, as I approached, this loose gaggle said nothing.  If I cut in line even inadvertently, there was not one protest.  Till I was behind the ladies.

The non-eye contact lady only then commented that I was out of place.

The third thing was to me the most interesting.  She maintained a self satisfied smirk.  It lasted as she herself checked out.

Let me tell you my observation skills are usually good.  I wasn't imagining her smirk.

Perhaps she had many instances of uncaring interfering a-holes cutting in line.  Maybe she felt she was the social arbiter of lines.  The motivations could be a long list.  Possibly her smirk was the celebration of those oppressed silent ones who allowed line cutters to walk over them -s-.  No matter, her work was done.

The whole point of this seemingly insignificant exercise is linear.

Are we 'in line' either with the tyranny against us or are we organizing against it?

If we are in line, do we submit to a commissar who keeps the line ordered and moving for all?

Do we size up a situation and decide if that specific instance is the time to stand?  Do we draw back and observe what's going on, then determine our next course of action?

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill lol?

Do we in turn speak up and police ourselves when folks try to steal something from us, lines, food, guns, rights?

Just end of the year musings. 

And if we get out of line, should we then form our own?


puhleeze said...

Shoulda told the b**** to pack it in.

Mike H said...

It's called picking battles. Same goes for taking a poll of those on line or asking if I could go ahead as I had been ill. Priorities bud.

teacher said...

Action (even passive, such as literally doing nothing) determines action.

Mike H said...

Yes. And remember folks this is simply one of those food for thought moments. I refuse to make it anything more unlike collectivists who beat dead horses to hear others scream.