Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kids Aren't Kids

Kids do seem to grow up fast.  Maybe at birth and all the diapers, it doesn't appear so.  During all the literal first steps and achievements it goes unnoticed.  That's because we are living life, not ticking off dockets.  We are busy raising the kids and only notice the passage of time occasionally.  When they are adults, then we see all the moments coalesce but not much before.  We are there for them during those years.

A lot of kids don't grow up ie learn to be independent individuals.  They may wander through life with their hands out, convinced they are forever entitled to welfare.  Kind of an economical inversion, the other side being trust fund babies. 

Fractured families, combined with welfare, leads to a lack of focus.  Kids need guidance and all too often a lot of them get the wrong kind.  Gangs supply security, a surrogate parentage.  They can be generational, like the lower level organized crime they are.  Even when families are involved, it can be negative.

I remember during college, I worked one summer at the local juvenile center.  On visitors' night, I noticed a lot of parents and relatives giving me and the other attendants the stink eye.  They quickly explained that many of the parents were worse than the kids, being criminals too.

You can see that playing out today with all the demonstrations and worse.  Cops are between a rock and a hard place.  Now, this deserves yet another blog entry itself, so at the risk of taking it lightly, I don't.  I'm getting to responsibility and it's a two way street.  All the time, the fist of tyranny closes more tightly, at the expense of kids and cops and all of us.

From grade school kids shooting someone as gang initiation, to roving bands of 'youths' looking for people to beat up or kill and rob, some kids aren't kids anymore.

Of course the antigun collectivist blood dancers include the thugs in the number of children hurt/killed by firearms every year.  And lately, the past couple of years and now, kids who have made a decision to hurt, kill, intimidate and steal risk much.  Many have paid the price as well they should.

Yes it's sad on one hand.  Kids robbed of decent normal loving childhoods.  Don't break out the violins.  If the do the crime they pay the price.  Neither do I champ at the bit to 'waste' anyone.  I believe, as many of you know who have been here often, in self defense.

If your life is in danger, someone particularly pointing a gun at you, there is no choice.  It's one of the few times that is so, for life is rife with choices.  You stop the threat.  Of course, you always face the consequences.

That's where there is a difference between decent honest folks and thugs.  Thugs don't care, while we do.  They're liable to shoot into a crowd, not caring, whereas we seek to harm no one, except those who try to harm us.

Responsibility.  Our kids are raised to think for themselves and accept consequences.  Most of the time, as has been illustrated time and again, thugs and their families blame others.  It's an almost incredible pattern.  But these behaviors have taken a long time to take root.

A14 year old is robbing someone, then points a gun at a cop, or any of us.  We defend ourselves.  then the family and fellow thugs moan and angrily lament the outcome.  We should have minded our own business was said recently  Really? Oh yes, the thugs are just making a living.  They believe this.  It's a complete way of life. 

Sorry, punks.  Not at the expense of my property, well being nor life. 

Why did they have to shoot my 'baby', 'angel' etc?  Because the kid made a choice, a decision that involved harming others.  Something apparently the parents (in name only I think), family and socalled friends aka fellow thugs embrace as well.

This has to be stopped.  They have to be held accountable.  It must be fearlessly addressed, this evil which is actually set up to divide and conquer the Republic.

We must deal with the immediate crimes, come what may.  We must stop the welfare system and replace it with folks teaching others to take responsibility and live productive lives.  It's helping others to help themselves to opportunities for honest living, not helping themselves to others' pockets.

'They're just kids.'  This came from a mom in our neighborhood whose kids were harassing ours, particularly our daughter.  Started with trespass and escalated.  One note.  In their taunting, they said how beautiful and black they were and how ugly and white she was.  Hatred/racism is being taught as well.  And, this may seem strange to you, the mom didn't know who Martin Luther King was.  Perhaps not so surprising, as education is hitting new lows.  Dr King has become a misused figurehead, good for a day off, while visions of entitlement (not what he intended) dance in heads. 

Jump ahead after years of ferment.  Increased violence with plenty of gun crime.  Talk about child abuse.  Seems they're not just kids.  They are cannon fodder to foment war.  Again, divide and conquer.

My kids handled this and other incidents with grace and sometimes the need for self defense aka pointing out how wrong the perps were and yes, fisticuffs.  Never kick em when they're down and never never turn your back.  Don't start it but finish it and don't let it hang on.

And more, for those tut tutters who might wonder how the kids feel about blacks, they have both had several black friends, let alone a man who is like a brother to me and a Creole godmother.  We don't wear it on our sleeves.  People are people.

I've mentioned this before.  There is a church near the library where we met some kids who were being kids.  That is, they were learning to be men and women, not thugs.  My hopes and prayers are with them and many more.

As for those who have warped kids, paraphrasing Jesus, it would be better for them to tie a millstone to their necks and jump into the sea.  Expose this.  Drag it into the light.  Don't let them get away with it. 

Teach self reliance.  Guide them and discipline them.  Choices have consequences for weal or woe.  Independent self reliant individuals will rise above the troubles. 

Kids ARE kids.  They are the gift of the future.  Let us make that a future of light.


teacher said...

Careful. They'll label YOU a warmonger.

Mike H said...

As David Codrea says, with liberals/progressives, every day is Opposite Day