Thursday, October 16, 2014

Open Letter To Ron Casey

Dear Ron:

I wanted an opportunity to say hello.  All other efforts have been fruitless.  So, I have been puzzled and simply ask 'why'.

I remember the referral I got some twenty five years ago.  It led to an association of several years for which I am thankful.

You guided and protected me in court concerning my oldest daughter and the machinations of her mother, as well as other legal matters.. 

You were a source of legal advice locally concerning certain aspects of show business inquiries.

You aided Ruthie and me to amicably end our marriage.

Through the years, you were a source of wisdom and comfort, a lawyer with heart.

You knew when to help and when it was unwise for me to proceed.

The incident when I was mugged and my gun stolen was tumultuous and a bit confusing.  Naturally I sought your advice concerning the matter.

I recall explaining in brief about the circumstances.  You agreed to talk to me further about it.

I remember your calling back one day.  I was outside where the wind and traffic interfered, in spite of you calling to try reconnecting, communications were. spotty.

I managed to tell you about my gun being taken and my belief that Detective Bill Cincebox 'dropped the ball' re my identifying the perpetrators.

I can tell you that I didn't feel it was worth pursuing his ineptitude.  He would have said he did his job and the 'blue line' would back him up.

The prosecutor eventually released my gun as I had properly identified it.  It was a strange catch 22.  I couldn't testify re the perps, but it was my gun stolen.

Before this, on the street, because of the cell fritzing in and out, You asked me to call you at the office the next day.

I agreed and duly returned your call.  I got you voice mail and left the ball in your court to once again call back.  I never received a call.

Several times, I left polite inquiries when we could talk.  The silence was deafening.  This included getting your secretary on the phone.  First time, she said you weren't there so I left another message reminding you of your agreement to talk with me.  Next time she just switched me to voice mail.  Over the next two weeks, I left maybe three-four are further polite inquiries.  You never responded

Obviously there may have been little you could have done.  However, to have thrashed it out would have harkened back to that lawyer with a heart I thought I knew.

I had dismissed the whole affair until 10/15/14.  Ruthie called you in re a matter which I will not speak of here.  It is a matter of some importance and again your wise counsel was sought.

She connected with the secretary who beeped you.  The secretary said she forgot you were in conference with a client.  So Ruthie left a message.  If there is any further communication on the matter, that is between her and you of course.

But it brought to mind what appeared to be stonewalling on your part with me two years ago.

So I ask why Ron?  What happened?

I could speculate.  That would be as fruitless as events of two years ago.  And what I think of Detective Cincebox is irrelevant.  Irritating but irrelevant.

I had hoped to continue an association with you as a trustworthy legal counsel for personal matters locally. 

That may be beside the point or not. 

Please do me the common courtesy of responding.

Thanks for all you did.  I hope we can continue.


Michael Hiland


teacher said...

I'm always alarmed by the lack of communication. He owed you a call, if nothing else to point out there was nothing he could do. It's actually insulting.

sowhut said...

Big deal. Give it a rest.

D Copper said...

He probably had little regard for you. Has bigger fish or clients to fry. And don't forget party loyalty with suxuhbutte.

Papa Popo said...

Don't feel so bad.

D Copper said...

Remember Billy boy got his car stolen from the front of his palacial Beech Grove estate lol.

Mike H said...

lowyerz said...

Look out. He might claim harassment.

Mike H said...

I actually only tried to contact him a few times. This is the first time since 2 years ago.

Mike H said...

The above blog post was merely an attempt to clarify what happened. I do not intend to barrage Ron Casey with messages of any kind.

Mike H said...