Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack Cottey

Jack Cottey, former Marion County Sheriff, crossed over Tuesday October 28.  He succumbed to cancer after a long illness.  It's something I know of well, with many friends and family preceding him.

I'm not going to reprise all the bios and obits.  They speak for them selves.

Jack was what's called progun by some.  He held the infamous to some gun auctions for unclaimed weapons in Marion County Indiana.  He believed people should be armed.

He also refused to supply any men for the US Marshals' raid of Baptist Temple.

Jack had my back several times when drug dealers and a couple of child rapists threatened my family and myself.  He vouched for me, as did a number of cops and legislators (even a couple of lawyers -s-) when these perps tried to frame me.  Didn't even go to court. 

He also didn't tolerate improper behavior on the Department.  Several Deputies were actually punished and some fired as a result.

He was down to earth and didn't mince words.  He would tell you what he honestly thought.  Made him some enemies of course.  The antigunners locally hated him.

Jack also advised me and offered support for my intention of making Heart in the City, a movie about Victim Assistance and the folks who risk much to help victims get through and become survivors then victorious.  We both had known Ruthann Popcheff, who directed the program and passed away in 1986.  Support included getting me approval to film in Indianapolis.

As for more, go to a search engine and type in his name.  Below are a couple obits:

Comment was made about his passing being the end of an era.  Considering the state of affairs in our Republic, I agree.

Here's to you Jack.  Thanks.


Papa Popo said...

Few like him left.

D Copper said...

Politics. Whew! Well he did pretty well.