Friday, October 31, 2014


The time of year for spooky things is here.  Yes Halloween, which was originally Samhain (sowen) which has become a dress up and get goodies fest.  Let's not forget, however, that soon after comes election time.  Coincidence?  No lol.

I'm thinking of the old vampire movies, not this special effects stuff with guts and blood and, God help us, glowing vamps.  There used to be suspense and yes melodrama involved.  But there was something more.

It was elemental, what with crosses, wolfbane and holy water along with stakes to the heart as weapons against the bloodsuckers.  Maybe symbolically that's all it takes.  But one element is/was essential: Faith.  Belief in good, Light, God that these things worked.  These ingredients have/had very powerful foes.

The lure of the vampire was enchanting.  Forbidden acts became naughty indulgences.  As the pleasure increased, so did the waning of life.  This led to others succumbing to the lure of the undead.  The false promise, eternal life, was shown as a sham.  It was at best some kind of half life, restricted to the night (unless among the most powerful, some existence in daytime) and fraught with the lust to suck blood.

Dracula argued that it was no different than humans eating a cooked bird.  He was merely sustaining his 'life'.  It goes back to humanity created in the image of God however.  The vampire defiles that image and becomes a luciferian monster trying to rewrite creation in its own image.

Hope you indulge my symbolisms here.  I believe the metaphor and even analogy is obvious.  Just look at how collectivism enchants many especially the young, with promises of a better life.  Seduction continues with indulgence, the anything goes outlook.  As with vamps, the price paid is overlooked or shut up and out.

So as elections hover, be ready with all the instruments to fight the seductive darkness.

True life or at best restricted half life.  Which will it be?


teacher said...

Like zombies eating out our substance.

John Beresford Tipton Jr said...

The most powerful billionaires lol?