Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free Vs Freebie

Lotta stuff about immigration lately.

I'm not going to add to the voluminous tomes of opinion and facts already abundantly displayed on the net.  It's just my 2 cents.

We were not set up as a nation to become a glorified handout station.  We were established for people to be free not freeloaders. 

It is part of a slow transition to just another socialist way station.  Also, the interior security is compromised as well as demoralizing many.

In this Constitutional Republic, it is expected for people to learn to pay their way.  Now people should receive help.  They need to eat and ready themselves.  But no blanket giveaways.  It must be made clear they are to repay by becoming productive.

The longtime rot must stop.  It can be done.  There will be a lot of 'unsatisfied' folk.  They will have a choice ie, work or leave.  It's tough and will be brutal.  But there is satisfaction for those who stay the course. 

And as for that baloney that there are jobs Americans won't do,  I've cleaned toilets and made beds.  I learned to housepaint to partly work my way through college.  I had several part time jobs then.  It wasn't because I was white or part American Indian or anything except wanting to work.

Restoring, instilling a want to work and see a job well done is the key.

Many will adapt.  Some will not.  They can be shown the door.

Some will wring their hands and maybe some will snarl and ask about those who truly cannot work.  Of course we care for those who are incapacitated.  And hey, how about employing the aforementioned carpers?  They can put theirs efforts where their flapping gums were.  Sometimes it's the company we keep.  You might learn a lot from spending time with folks who need care.  The forgotten can be remembered.

True charity can be engendered outside of gov.  It enacts power where it should be with us and not US.

So dump the freebies.  We must let ourselves be free.

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