Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Character Actors

It may take stars to steer a project, or it may not.  Star is kind of overused these days.  Not everyone can be a star, but many can lead.  Ensemble casts are a good example of this.  The most long lived shows have casts which shift emphasis round a core group of say, half a dozen or more actors. 

There can be central characters, aka 'stars' such as actors portraying James Bond.  But Bond is only as good as the villains, ladies and again, supporting players.  The original Star Trek was supposed to be ensemble.  Though star slanted, the ensemble quality of the cast came through.

There has been a lot of discussion about stars and character actors.  The latter often have longer more versatile careers.  And some stars, such as Bruce Willis, actually segue from character parts to starring roles and vice versa. 

Often the villain is a more memorable role, with opportunities to stretch past a somewhat confined hero.  Versatility can vary and teamed with good writing and direction, heroes can shine as well.  The whole point is to be adaptable.  The more options, the better in most instances. 

In the same line, supporting players can be character actors or they can be there to literally support leading actors (much too often referred to as stars).  Eccentric individuals or unusual folks often define character actors.  They add flavor to the pot. 

Stars can become figureheads who literally walk through the film.  Some stars, like John Wayne, can produce magnificent performances.  Suspending disbelief is a great two way street.

The audience should be able to do so.  Good actors, along with the other elements (director, script, camera etc) can take us on a journey.

So it is in other realms.  So it is in our efforts re the Republic.

We actors and other artists aka everyday characters, all play a part.

Act.  Do.  Go forth at least on paper/online if not in person.

Characters.  Having character ie features, qualities that stand out, particularly moral excellence enduring the test of time.  I'm not talking saints.  Most of us are a might prickly-s-.  I'm talking consistency.  Again and again we each play a part in the unfolding story of Freedom.

THAT is performance.  Not make believe.  Reality.


teacher said...

'one man in his time plays many parts'

kuchen machen said...

Stir the pot -s-.