Monday, April 28, 2014

Hard Rolls

Never did like 'em.  I always liked the soft yeast kind like Great Grandma used to make -s-.  You may wonder why sometimes I seemingly digress with tales of food and old time places etc.  I'm not living in the past.  I just remember and often details/minutiae that are obscure.  I believe recalling even odd bits is important.  The ability to remember is essential if we are to restore the Republic.  If we don't, we will fail.

Now hard rolls, the kind you can knock on a table, are a matter of taste.  They are good for soaking broth or soup.  And there might come a time when having them beats nothing at all.  I'm just saying make do with what you have.  And if I can have a preference, I'll take it!  Also, suffering for suffering's sake is insane.

Some people wear suffering on their sleeves.  That's different then again, from simply declaring where one is at re status, health, even wealth (whatever that is lol).  It's the opposite of putting on airs.

If all you have are hard rolls, make the most of them.  We may have a hard row to hoe as it is -s-.

On the other hand, being picky is not to be despised.  I'm pretty picky about taking back the Republic bit by bit!

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