Sunday, April 27, 2014

Excuse Reason

First, I'm glad David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh are better.  Now that doesn't make an excuse for any of us.  We still need to do our part.

Looks like I'm not making it at all to the NRA convention.  It's almost in walking distance and I have the ten buck 'member for a day' aka admission.  Call it zigging when I should have zagged.  I'm sure all has gone well without me.  It's not an excuse either.  It's just a fact.

I bet there are lots of neat things to see and do.  It would be a fine way to say hey I'm for the 2A!  Then again in my daily grind, I let that be known.  I don't shove it in people's face.  Then again, I don't demure like a shrinking violet either.  I make choices.

I might have had time yesterday Saturday 4/26, to have dropped by.  Could have said hi to Mike and met the Armed American Radio folks.  It didn't happen.  And the world continues to turn.

Running errands, being along when a good deed was done by another, shopping; well the last could have been postponed.  Is it a matter of excuse or reason?  Little of both I guess.

I am sure lots of good goals were accomplished at the convention.  What's more important to me is what happens after.  70,00 attended.  NRA has, what, between 4-5 million members?  GOA and JPFO has more, along with other groups, of which some criss cross.  Meetings are invaluable times to exchange ideas and get things rolling.  Hope word is spread re what occurred at the convention.  But it is not a be all end all.  We each have a job to do.

Aside from all the official stuff, which all conventions, no matter the content/purpose share, there would no doubt be a transfer, a continuation of ideas.  in this case, Freedom is predominant.  Ideas move along, propelled by meeting. sharing doing.

Those who for active or passive reasons, protest Freedom, in this case guns, met too.

We drove by them downtown.  Couldn't have been more than around 200 as was predicted.  I'm sure they are a mixed bunch.  Some really think guns will destroy us.  Some have had negative imprinting.  And some are aiming as it were, to disarm us as a prelude to total tyranny.

They offer excuses, based on emotion.  Reasons are few and far between, usually couched in emotion only.  They do not offer real reason.

Now there are excuses for not doing something.  'I'm busy, family, work, distractions.  There are reasons for same.  But examine where you are.  Is there not at least some time to send a letter, support Freedom, speak out?  Just because most of us didn't make a convention is no excuse to do nothing.  Stay the course.  Find those activities that call on your individual talents. If you don't think you have any, they may be quietly roiling underneath -s-.

There are usually plenty of excuses.  But there is no reason not to do something. 

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