Friday, August 29, 2014


Ever lived in a house with no air conditioning in high humidity summer aka dog days?  You'd do whatever you could to stay cool.

If you have a freezer, you might occasionally stick your head in and let the cold embrace you for a moment.  Wet sheets covering you, aided  by fans might help relieve the drudgery, the energy sapping atmosphere.

Pre electricity probably found one wiping, rinsing off and bandanas, which I've used in our modern era as well.

Overheating is dangerous.  We can suffer heatstroke even death.  We need to sty cool.

So it is with the incidents nationally and worldwide.  We must coolly even coldly assess the situation.

There is no doubt we face interior and exterior threats.  It's palpitatingly obvious.  There are 'enemies foreign and domestic'.

But we must not give way to fear.  We must have cold courage to face what is coming, what is here.

In short, I believe there are elements of ISIS already here, whetheror not that sign in Ferguson was real.  Any intel org would work to plant sleepers first.  This should be investigated thoroughly.

I already mentioned in Coppers and Commies that agents provocateurs were present in Ferguson.  It's standard collectivist behavior.

Before the boys and girls in dark suits come, let me say these are only observations.  They are my opinions based on years of study.  Specifics are beyond me.

The point I'm making is that psychintelops are being played.  Don't kneejerk.  Be ready to defend yourself.  Train practice and watch.

I'm not suggesting we all become intelops.  Hardly.  Just everyday condition yellow will do.  We are not Jack Bauers.

Don't get caught in gov induced or other source induced hysteria.  We needn't become Stasiesque to do what's right.

Just be cool as a cucumber.

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