Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Paint

Two kids, a boy, 17 and a girl, 15 were caught defacing a 114 year old Civil War memorial on August 28, 2013 in New York City.  There was no doubt it was this idiotic pair as they had some of the red spray paint on them.  Here's a tie-in story:

I haven't checked on their fate, but they were charged with felony mischief. 

Now I could go on about punk kids, spoiled brats etc committing criminal acts.  Robert Kennedy junior comes to mind for the recent climate march fiasco.  His past is emblematic and an excellent example of such people and their aberrant behavior.

I could mention how heinous it is to deface such sacred sites.  And that could lead one to ask wtf gets in someone's head.

What peeked my attention was the graffiti itself and the paint color.  Yes, I seem to always see something else.

A lot of the marks were silly faces and even the dips names.  There were indications however of sigils.

No, I'm not going all Supernatural re the series and its use of such symbols.  I'm merely noting there are instances where satanic displays occur and are largely ignored by the press.  Sure, sometimes sensationalistic stuff leaks through.  But hardcore demonic instances get glossed over.

The spiritual good or evil gets short shrift. 

Body, mind psyche spirit are cornerstones of existence.  JMHO of course, but the invisible is with us.  And I'm not weird bearding it for Halloween time.  I believe we ignore the spiritual at our own peril.

I'm also not trying to tell you what to believe nor how.  But this is food for thought and I offer it as such.

Red and black are common colors associated with satanic worship.  If you want to think I have an overactive imagination ok.

But idle minds are empty receptacles that are waiting to be filled.  We should be mindful of this and endeavor to fill with Light.

If we study our enemies, don't ignore the invisible.

As the Dylan song says, 'you gotta serve somebody'.

Down the line, I'll talk about what I think re collectivism and evil.

So color your life with Light.  Don't get caught red handed -s-.


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Be careful the light you serve -s-.