Sunday, February 26, 2017


It is seen as weakness by collectivists/globalists.  Of course it is not.

I've spoken many times of our heart is our strength and it's true.  It's how the heart is approached and what emphasis it's given.

The collectivists appeal to emotion.  They want people to go off half cocked.  Just look how they respond to our President.  It's how they always respond.  Shrill rampage.

True heart doesn't work like that.  Because it is balanced with reason aka heart and head. 

We care about others and hopefully how those others are affected.  We more largely expand that caring to the world.  It's how we respond that tells a tale.

For instance, we don't like violence.  Wanton destruction on many levels is repugnant to us.  But if we don't defend ourselves, violence will win.  Self defense is our answer.  We are willing to stop a threat, to whatever extent we must.

There are people, I use the term loosely, who have no value on life or decency.  They steal kill rape leaving a trail of destruction.  They don't care about laws stopping them.  They only care if they get caught.  Or stopped.

Normal humans care about ourselves and others.  We will not allow the psychopaths of the world ravage us on any level. 

The collectivists have a twisted sense of protection, if they have that.  Some of these loons try to sympathise with the monsters.

It's all about control.  If only we surrender our selfprotection.  Actually there is no guarantee even then.  Submission only.


Our hearts direct us to protect what is dear to us.

Our heads teach us how.

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