Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boxed In

I always remember a scene in Arrival, the first episode of The Prisoner.

Number 6 is being 'processed' at the Village's Labor Exchange.

A squirrelly guy is asking him questions.  He is given a round peg.  Before him is a slot, shaped square.  He slowly places the round peg in the square hole.  It immediately closed round the peg, like a camera lens as the current number 2 chuckled.

Those who want to control us want us to fit.  There is no allowance for self determination.  They go to many lengths to try to make this certain.

Collectivists touch all aspects of life.  They attempt from early on to condition us to accept a particular story or style.  If we give in and just accept without questioning, they win.

Stylizing history, with all its trappings, is a prominent example. 

We are given certain facts, at least as far as they go, and are expected to accept them.  If this is accomplished, rewritten history can be taken as true.

This is why I encourage all to dig and search.  It seems sources are drying up.  Not completely, but accessibility is tightening.  And as you find textured detail, make note, collect and preserve it.

There is a fork in the road concerning more outre, at least to some, elements of history/technology.

One takes us down a swirling mass/mess of conspiracy fact and fiction.  Keep in mind, lies are used, but lies mixed with truth can be devastating.

This applies to technology as well.  It should serve mankind yet often is used instrumentally to control..Also, advances can be held back for most, because people get into a rut of acceptance of their 'lot'.

The other road opens us to possibilities, to dreams becoming reality.

Mind you, conspiracy is a perfectly legitimate term.   The very word has been hijacked so that people can chase their own tails  Or, we study how we are manipulated, how a cabal seeks to control.

Think and act outside the box.


Peter Smith said...

They can even twist/reverse this.

Mike H said...

Classic Soviet technique.