Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Is Enough

I wanted to tell everyone I'm cutting down here on posts.

My other pursuits are taking precedence and I refuse to scramble and ramble, so 4 is enough here in a month.

Elsewhere, I will be doing things that may not seem to be in line with the statement of intent here. Not true.

Everything leads back to Freedom. There are many roads as there are people.

As to whether what remains here is good stuff, I leave that to the discerning taste of the reader. Same with any of my writing/acting etc efforts.

If you think I will get fleas lying down with dogs, think again. I get regular dips and I have my ways lol.

I'm gonna be in Hollywood a lot, so don't think it's all bad. My principles remain the same.

Time will tell how we all make our fortunes be it monetary or restoring the republic.

See, I didn't forget about that and never will.

I may write more here, but it's doubtful. Priorities will bring results.

IOW, far as What McAuliffe Said goes, I aint goin nowhere. They can't get rid of me that easily lol.

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teacher said...

Whatever you do, do it well.