Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do It Yourself

Or get out. Gov steals initiative.

Like headlines, I could leave it at that. I thought about the shortest blog entry but what fun would that be?

We have been riddled with statutes limiting our abilities to make our own way. from outlawing the making of hard spirits to building on one's own land, it's a blizzard of Freedom sucking initiative choking attempts to take rights away from people and give gov the 'power' to 'regulate' our lives.

The whole purpose of a limited gov Republic is to show that real power is in the hands of the people. WE can make what we want, as long as we are not hurting others. That's one of the noses in the tent.

Booze hurts people. Sure. But making it should be at least a hobby for those old boys who still practice a timeless art. Oh but without regulation, hooch can literally cause health problems. Those same old boys have been making it for probably eons. It was Prohibition that brought badly distilled product. criminals making a quick buck brought that little blot.

Caveat emptor should be the guide. In a Republic, if someone makes a health jeopardizing product, they are put out of business. When it's so ma and pa, word of mouth tells you who's good and who's not. And no, I don't know anyone who makes moonshine unfortunately lol. It's smooth -s-.

'Oh but some people have been killed, kids hurt, etc. Yes. See the above. And nobody is more upset about 'the children' than me.

It's always the Freedom sucking collectivists or any other name you want to give them, who take a right and make it either a privilege or gov activity only.

Paranoia and the quest to make us 'safe' fuels these b******s fires. Lemonade stand? Forget it or at least get a permit, the foresaid begging gov permission to do something which is a right. Those evil kid terrorists might poison the neighborhood. BS!

Teaching responsibility is the reason. Responsibility comes from individuality. Otherwise gov robs people of not just money, tis the season, but the right to learn from their own triumphs and mistakes.

May seem trivial re booze property improvements or lemonade. It's jsut the surface of the iceberg sinking the USS Republic.

I suggest we bit by bit take it all back Repeal!

Also, if I knew a distiller know by gov thugs as bootleggers, i sure as hell wouldn't tell!

In other words, rebellion begins at home -s-.


Ring a Ding said...

I could use some exotic booze.

Mike H said...

Lol! Because of all the gov crappola, shine seems exotic. It's smooth........

Menshe Nikita said...

True 'little water' gahspahdeen -s-.

teacher said...

Point well taken son. The bigger picture looms.