Monday, January 23, 2012


Making things from scratch is not a dying art. It's been on the decline for sure, but it's never disappeared.

Guess you could nitpick how 'scratch' something is. A few claim unless you grow the crops or hunt/fish yourself or at least share, it's not homemade. Not me.

Though one might want to acquire new skills aka more tools for the toolbox, assembling the ingredients and not using a mix is enough.

OTOH, using mixes and preprocessed goods can be a test for ingenuity. See what you can come up with and make it edible.

I'm touching mostly on cooking here, reminded how my daughter and I made a holiday dinner together. Yep it was one of those bonding moments which for us are pretty common.

Learning skills beyond the kitchen is a worthy pursuit. The old Foxfire books first come to mind but there are a lot of resources available. Becoming increasingly self sufficient in any way possible is recommended no matter where you may live.

If you live in a city, you might make plans for leaving.

That could be a work of ingenuity in itself.

No lessons here. Just awareness. See what's/who's around and willingness to impart wisdom.

Scratching out a living may have a whole new connotation one of these days.


Shug said...

Be willing to give and take. Offer skills in exchange. It will be a whole new world of bartering.

Mike H said...

We need to go target shooting soon. Very bonding that -s-.