Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts And Dollars

Love and money are in the air. It's a world wide phenomenon that combines romance and resources.

It's based on the saint's day for St. Valentine who existed in the days of Rome. Look him up. Fact becomes history, then legend and finally myth.

The day evolved to a commercial frenzy in the name of love. What I like about the day is that it is an opportunity to reflect on what love is, not just between man and woman but family friends etc.

There are people who need a specific date in order to express what may be just a duty or might happen to be an honest expression of affection. Others can do it every day in some way. They need no reminder commercial or otherwise. Most of us probably fall in the middle.

These days I ignore most of it. My love is telling my stories and spreading the word of Freedom.

But we need love of course. It is the basis of life of the very Freedom we seek to restore.

As Valentines Day becomes a self sustaining beast running rampant through our culture, we strive for something better. We love Freedom.

So knock yourself out if you like. There is nothing wrong with strawberries and champagne etc. Just don't get distracted.

Love should instill focus, not cloud the mind and heart.

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teacher said...

Oh the things done in the name of love/God.