Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Stepped up to the plate.

He had his own independent movie career and had a rep for his signature character work.

Yet, when his brother Curly suffered a stroke, disabling him from work, Shemp replaced him as a Stooge.

Did he have to? Maybe not. But it's obvious and from what folks said about the Boys that they had a sense of loyalty, family and friendship.

In addition to replacing Curly, Shemp, his brother Moe and friend Larry divvied money to supplement Curly's income, as it was impossible for him to work.

Personal commitment seems to suffer these days. However, I believe there are people who step up to the plate for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways.

Is it enough considering the gravity of the situation in the States? Probably not.

I predict there are those who will do more as the ill winds blow more fiercely.

Do what you can and if you shirk your duty, don't take credit for others' efforts.

History unfolds daily. Live it and follow your heart AND head.

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