Saturday, January 28, 2017

Passionate Calm

Wowee.  That big ole hourglass got turned over and so has the world.

President Trump.  What a pleasure to have an actual president instead of a pretender, an occupier who was a former 'community organizer'.  I like the way Joel Gilbert referred to him.  Agitator is a better application.  It is an activity steeped in Marxism, meant to stir up and unbind the Republic.  Gilbert said he believes the occupier didn't think of himself as a president.  The occupier, good little Marxist that he is, loathes the Republic and all its appellations.  Not Trump.

Thank god for a businessman instead of a lawyer/politician.  Antimarxist doesn't even cover it.  But it's a good start.

Of course, power is never surrendered easily.  The collectivists are using their usual tricks to try and derail Freedom.  So far it's failing but they will never give up.  Neither will Trump nor those of us working to Restore the Republic.  I always say we fight an enemy that never sleeps so we must learn to sleep less.

I also boil down our enemies to useful idiots, true believers and string pullers.  A trifle oversimplified perhaps but nonetheless true.

The useful idiots have been unleashed in typical collectivist fashion. From outright rioting to jabbering sing song slogans, crowding people and assault (mostly by paid thugs), under the guise of 'protest', they try to hide behind free speech.  well, that ends when marches and slogans become mayhem and assault.

The stupidity of the useful idiots is legion.  They barely spout and spew hate like hating white men etc.  When questioned, some just display the middle finger (a popular collectivist retort) or they, if seeming to listen, are shooed away by handlers aka true believers.

The true believers, in league with the thugs, attempt to either assault verbally or physically, anyone opposed to them, including passersby.

Self defense is called for when they try this.  Go to for articles on counter methods.

One tip, don't take the bait, don't rise to the occasion.  Be watchful, wary and try to evade unless close observation is called for.  Be with others and watch each other's backs.

The socalled MSM try to play down these activities.  They try to make Freedom minded people take the blame.  Indeed, these days what was called alternative is the reliable source, instead of collectivist shills.  Don't rise to their bait either.  If interviewed, try to phrase things so the cannot be misquoted, unless they censor.

Cover yourself every way possible.

These 'people' are predictable but insidious

Be passionate.  Stay calm and ride the storm which Freedom brings when fighting tyranny.

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