Monday, January 30, 2017


Certainly a lot of talk and continued two way exploitation.  Poverty.  Institutionalized partly due to that nit LBJ etal.  It's become an orgy of theft and dependence.

I believe with Trump, we have a catalyst to give people opportunities of which they have been robbed for decades.  He's already undoing a great deal of weblike miasma with much more to go.  No wonder the collectivists and their globalist masters have their knickers in a knot.  Freedom, self determination, a real chance to succeed, are in the offing.

I'm not going to go on about it.  The perfidy is well documented.

On the tail of MLK Day and Black History Month looming, content of character is on my mind.

My Mom grew up poor during the Depression.  They did the best they could and never
starved. Clothes were saved and passed down, everything from soap to soup was used. Also, she often quoted an oft stated sentiment from those days.  ''If you are poor, you can at least be clean.''

There is real pride, self worth and hope/determination.  This is shared by all colors.  It's not limited to any group.  All are welcome.

Now, it's not a 'know your place' thing.  On the contrary, it is maintenance.  Gotta take care of yourself.  There is no gimme attitude.  Well, there wasn't.

People made do but hoped for more.

I'm not a cult of personality guy for anyone.  But, with Trump we can all take the bull by the horns.  It is anticollectivism time.

We can maintain such as feeding folks so they can think straight then feed themselves.  All we need is for government to get out of the charity business.

If we are truly getting back to having the power as in Constitutional Republic, we have that power within to lift ourselves and work with others too.

It may be a seemingly eternal way of life.  We shall see.

Stay clean.

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