Tuesday, January 31, 2017


A businessman in the Oval Office encourages me.  It is edgy in the sense of having a bold, provocative, or unconventional quality.  No doubt it's also the common definition as well ie:  nervousness.

I come from a long line of businesspeople and military.  Some of it has rubbed off at least to the point where I have business sense even in artistic endeavors.

Now there are many dishonest businesspeople.  Of course.  Just as there are in every walk of life.  They take a short cut.  No muss no fuss?  Hardly.  But it becomes easier the more it's done.

Wealth is good or bad, depending on how it is acquired and used.

Some just acquire through underhanded ways.  They hoard and make it look as though they share.

Others are above board and make their wealth work for them.  One way is to use it to help people help themselves.  No not a gimme help themselves.  There's enough of that. Helping people heal themselves by giving them opportunities to be self reliant.

We will see what develops between now and the end of February.

Give and take, analysis, resources.

Edgy no?

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teacher said...

They bribe too.