Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fear Or Caution

I don't often speak of spiritual things here.  I have and faith/spirit/religion played an overwhelming part in Founding the Republic.

I'm going to preface this next bit by saying I'm not promoting this book.  Get it if you want or don't  Believe or don't. 

I've been reading a book.  It's called Beware the Night.  Ralph Sarchie is a former NYPD Sergeant who was stationed in the Bronx.  And yes, it's a nasty part of the city.  He is also a demonologist, who participates in exorcisms and associated activity.

I'll skip anything else and just say read or no read: up to you.

What strikes me is how evil is detailed and what it tries to do to human beings.  Sarchie says there are two kinds.  Secondary is what people do to one another such as robbery, rape, street crime.  I think most crime falls here, including 'high crimes and misdemeanors' (though some bleeds literally into the other type).  Primary is demonic activity, the ultimate hatred and rejection of God, all that's good, actual infestation, oppression and possession.

Now There is plenty of bleeding over as I said, but there is a callousness and hatred of humanity that one can sense if not see it.

The obvious course of the fallen is to destroy God's Creation and make it in its own likeness.  I believe part of that plan is evident in collectivism of all kinds. It's the commixture.  I've pointed to this before and am again reminded of that thing Alinsky dedicating his rules for radicals to Lucifer, 'the first radical' as he calls it.  I call it the first psychopath.

As usual, I leave it to you all regarding research, soul searching and faith.  But the parallels are evident to me.

The Founding of the Republic was based in Light, faith in God, in Jesus.  Our enemies are based in dehumanizing enslavement.  That is certainly the M.O. of the demonic.

A couple of primary tools are the installation of fear and isolation, where there is debilitating self doubt and eventually giving up, surrendering.

I have said many times don't let fear get you down. 

The word can of course mean frighten.  It can mean to fill with awe.  The former is darkness' goal.  The latter is the goal of Light.

We can turn the table on evil.  We can instill fear ie frighten it.  It is afraid already,  Thus the darkside's manic attempts at possession and destabilizing people and gov.    Whether it's the machinations of fallen angels, their disciples or those in gov (Where there are an abundance methinks.  Just look at history especially currently.). 

Be cautionary.  Angels don't fear to tread.  They, like we, plan.


teacher said...

We surely don't have to look for ghosts do we? It's all in plain view.

Mike H said...

It lies and tries to hide in plain sight.