Saturday, January 31, 2015

Clock Hands

My computer has the time and date in the lower right hand corner.  Click the mouse and it shows the day as well.  Also there is a calendar showing the month and a forward or reverse carat that can take you back or forward, presumably ad infinitum.  Don't have time to find out nor the motivation, if there were one, to see lol.  As well there is a clock.  It has a dial, with hour and second hands.  Below, it displays the time ticking off digitally and below that there is a feature to adjust for time zones.

When I was a kid, just about every clock was the dial kind.  I was taught about the big hand for minutes and the little hand for hours.  Also, one could watch the second hand tick tick tick to the next minute and beyond.

I never had 'time' to watch the seconds, minutes, hours fritter away.  I was a busy kid with lots of growing up to do.   I'm still a busy kid.  There is always more to learn.

In this digital age, I hope many skills either remain intact or at least might be reacquired.

I've heard and seen so much dependence on others.  I've talked of the throwaway society we have become.

Now of course one can't know everything.  Skills being shared might alleviate this but the need for specialists has narrowed.  People are beating themselves out of usefulness.

We may need to get back to basics.  Perhaps we need to find out what makes things tick.

The big and little hands are coming together.  They approach the midnight hour.

What lies beyond dwells inside us as much as around us.  And above.

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