Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sniping Snippets

Not really about American Sniper, though see it before you love it or hate it.  Learn about the background, as in who's who and what's what.

Better yet, meet and get to know some in the military if you don't already.  I'm betting you may get something positive out of the movie, especially if you are interested in what school calls current events aka that which is newly minted history.

As for the sniping that's gone on against the movie, the military and snipers in particular, I'm not mentioning names.  It's the regular cast of characters.  They have nothing better to do than gain negative attention/points at the expense of others.  It's the collectivist (add your other labels-this one 'collects' them all) troll fest when something they can't eat disagrees with them.

Don't let them drag you down into their miasma.  Watch your own diet and don't bait others.  Say what you mean and mean what you say
Staying on topic and being specific are methods many of us began to learn in grade school.  These days, many kids don't master these essential skills.

Of course, one person's snide remarks might be someone else's attempt at being succinct.

Alinsky's rules come into play in the above and many of our encounters with collectivists of every stripe.  Had 'em try and turn the tables on me before.  It frustrates such when I'm brief.  They don't have a lot of material to disseminate.  They pout and become dismissive.

Naturally, it's just peachy for these mokes (is that a snipe or ad hominem?) to shortly wave one off with a curt remark.  After all, for collectivists, every day is Opposite Day (ty to David Codrea).

I'm not in this world to pander and stroke egos.  Neither am I here to show them the door
I'm here to have honest dialog, either short or long, with others to expand the mind and foster solutions.  It's impossible with our already mentioned Menschen.

If its their way or the highway, then I'm on a road trip for Truth.

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