Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Eagle

Had a dream that John Wayne shook my hand. 

Now, one can make of a dream what one wants, but it was positive for me.  I felt encouraged.  Wish I'd met him in person.

My brother had a friend who actually did.  He said John Wayne was down to earth and was what you would expect.  Honest, straightforward, a man of his word.

I was doing some research and came across the statement collectivists, still in fear of Duke, love to dredge up.  It had to do with responsibility.

It was from a '71 Playboy interview.  I won't repeat it here.  The reason is simple, in that I've alluded to it and you may find it yourself.  And, I don't want some collectivist dweeb snatching at it to add rhythm to the dance of abuse.

It was of course in reference to people being educated, on all levels I believe.  You need to be in the know.  He never said anyone should be kept down.  Rather, he pointed to the fact no one can pull you up but yourself.

I've noticed Mr Wayne had a way of being provocative.  I think it was simply because of who the opposition was and is. 

Collectivists tend to run with something.  They rely on emotion and half truths to drive home their subversion. 

My take is he tried to get people to think.  And he wasn't some dumb hunk cluck.  He was educated, erudite and a rollicking man who loved life.

Decide for yourselves.  I will always love him (Imagine the collectivists running with THAT lol.).  His work is nonpareil.  A character?  Hell yeah!

He was emotional.  Never exactly saw him cry on film but he conveyed the emotions which bring tears.  That's artistry.  Just go study the guy and see what you think.

Open mind you will see he cared.  Closed mind, he was some kind of 'reactionary'  Love btw his excoriation of that term in McLintock -s-.

Perfect?  Who is and what is that, save for a guy 2,000 years ago?  That's a topic for another time lol.

During the filming of The Searchers (A film that is so textured, I may write a book on it someday -s-), one of the Navajo children who were playing Comanches in the film, became seriously ill.  Wayne had her taken to a hospital in his private plane, otherwise she might have died.

The Navajo folks gave him the name, 'The Man With The Big Eagle'.

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