Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Excuse Train

Between flogging a dead horse and cognitive dissonance lies the excuse train.

And oh oh, the broad brush of racism rears its ugly head for the umpteenth time.  For if I discuss/expose what I'm aiming at (not a Freudian slip -s-), the spectral finger points back in denial.  Blaming others is part of the dysfunction involved.  It is also a calculated weapon to shut up the truth.

And oh oh, the broad brush of thuggery/fear threaten decency/humanity.  Stereotypes abound.  And the opposite, ie, 'all (fill in the blank) are good or noble or whatever is a sometimes fatal naivete.

After a crime is committed, when the perp/s is/are nabbed, their family members often come forward with what amounts to excuses.  The perp is a good boy or was going to go to college or wasn't really doing anything.  'He was my angel' has been heard ad nauseum.  We are being kept down or harassed.  The facts are ignored in favor of a lying matrix.

When I worked at the Juvenile Center in Indianapolis, we had all kinds of kids-and most colors-serving time.  One of the first lessons was to never turn your back on any of them.  Some appeared friendly to gain advantage.  Users start somewhere and often young.

Also, on visitor's night, I noticed how many of the parents/family regarded us.  The looks some gave were disdainful even predatory.  I learned many of the family members were also criminals, sometimes worse than the kids.  Of course, those older had had time to gain experience in crime.

Can some be rehabilitated?  Yes.  But it's a selective process.  Best results are when kids are reached before crime starts.

The excuse train is a rocky ride.  The lies are often just that and/or denial plays a part.  People have been bribed and think they deserve handouts.  Spoiled brats only get more rotten unless it stops.

The race card is both an excuse and one of the cars on the train.  It's all set to demoralize and isolate people to make them both shut up and to weaken the social infrastructure. 

Telling the truth has a price and that includes weathering the storm of collectivist abuse for doing so. 

Below is something I've circulated for a while in answer to all the hoopla.

My son went to Tech High School. It became known someone was paying black kids 20 bucks apiece to start fights with white kids. On his way home one day, a guy tried to jump him, egged on by a group of black kids. He was side swiped then turned to defend himself. The kid ran back to the crowd and they didn't try to jump him en masse. Later, the vice principal in charge of discipline who happened to be black, went after the twit who jumped my son. He was caught for dealing drugs.
In our neighborhood, there was a family of blacks whose kids started picking on our daughter. They taunted her, saying they were beautiful and black and she was ugly and white. This ended after several incidents where we called the cops for threats by the parents. We were going to resolve this in court but they failed to appear. A white liberal former neighbor said it was cultural for them to not show up. A deputy I knew said it was most likely an outstanding warrant.
BTW, the kids were raised to accept people for the content of character. They both had several black friends and mentors and still do.
We need to spotlight the obvious subversion.

Subversion is a key word.  All the violence is deliberate.  And no not all the thugs are true believers.  Many are just useful idiots.

Again, I repeat that there is a church, near where much violence has occurred.  Their aim is to teach kids to be men and women, not thugs.

For them there are no excuses.


teacher said...

Divide et impera.

Mike H said...

διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε, diaírei kaì basíleue

teacher said...

Salient for there is much disdain for education/knowledge except street smarts.

Mike H said...

Keeps people controlled. I suggest we learn from all sources. Brains and brawn -s-.