Monday, March 30, 2015


Occasionally Wikipedia has it right.  At least this time there is enough data to substantiate my core post.

Quite a throng of misfits.  Or maybe they do fit a dystopian realm.

Now we come to the present.  Thug/s has a not so new meaning.  A violent criminal, associated term wise with black gangbangers.  But the meaning is universal.

Thuggery as I call it, is indeed a subculture.  It has been fomented over quite a while.  It's part of destroying the Republic from within.

It has been promulgated in the street community.  It is where it can appear and disappear.  Don't be fooled.  It is all focused on control. 

And woe to anyone who points a finger, say at blacks.  But to blame blacks is wrong.  Blame those who would divide us.  Those who set race against race, sect against sect or sex against sex. 

I made a comment on a thread in response to the murder of a woman by her husband/partner.  I simply said it was more evidence of drug/gang/thug activity.

Someone responded that it was a domestic murder.

Yes it was .  But it was evidence of thuggery.  Violent crime.

Abusive behavior is thuggery.  Beating a woman is violent crime.  Murder is murder.

There are gangs who deify such actions as long as it benefits the gang.

It's time to knock these gods off their pedestals.

Meet the monsters face to face. 

As Lt Col Vandervoort said 'you can't give the enemy a break-send em to hell'. 

They do not care about humanity.  They care only to survive at the expense of decent honest people.

As Sgt Major Plumley said, 'Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves'.

Do not be fooled.  These goblins will lie and do anything to subvert society.

We must not equivocate.

The enemy, thugs on the streets and in office, do that.

Do not let them get away with it.

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