Sunday, March 29, 2015


'What does it mean to be noble?'  William Wallace to Robert the Bruce in Braveheart.

A lot of what's going on seems to be tinged with nobility.  Broad brush swiping of colors, so-called lifestyles, politics, religion.  And fault is not found to a fault.

The noble red man is a myth.  Blameless blacks and no fault gays are a myth.  Here's the scoop.

We are all human, to a fault or not -s-.  This means we are imperfect, make mistakes even commit -gosh- sins. 

When criticism comes, the way of certainty in society, there is a system set up to deflect it.  There are excuses (as in the Excuse Train) to explain it away.

One set or view is bad and another good.  You'd better hang onto your socks cuz that's just BS. 

All whites are not villains.  Some are, as are some all other colors, ways of life, sexes (2?), etc.

All of these barriers are set up to divide us.  We are then more easily ruled.  This is especially true in a world subruled by emotion  There is no balance of head and heart.  If you feel you are more likely to surrender yourself to control.

Self control is the essence of this Republic.  It is a hallmark of our Republic that control is thusly put upon government.  There is nothing noble about it.  We are responsible for ourselves and government is responsible to we the people.

Nobility comes from the heart.  It is a matter of content of character.  It is NOT a matter of position, wealth, poverty, sex, color, religion.  What it means to be noble is  honesty, generosity, courage, etc.

These are qualities shared by all.

Conversely, humanity is capable of quite the opposite. 

It is only when these negative qualities exhibit themselves that excuses are given.  It is an attempt by collectivists to hijack liberty and redefine it in its hivelike matrix. 

So look to yourself then look elsewhere.  Liberty starts with one noble thought.

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