Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Force Majeure

There are several applications for the title.  Superior, irresistible force is one definition.  Akin to this, and more to the point, is an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.  I thank my trusty friend Merriam-Webster Dictionary for this.

Current events have touched on force majeure.  Of course the ever encroaching government control of every aspect of our live is building such a force.  The definition fails though, because the 'unintended consequences' have been more than reasonably anticipated in agonizing detail.  As for control, well those of us who wish to control ourselves as opposed to gov control speak out.

I'm thinking of responsibility, self control indeed.  I've touched on it recently in The Excuse Train, Noble and Thugee. 

You cannot force someone to like you.  You might disagree with their views or the way they conduct their lives, but hey, that's a two way street. 

We already have a right to associate with whomever we please.  Check out the 1st Amendment.  Of course it's used to bully people beyond merely expressing no state religion, personal freedom of religion, assembly, speech and press.   This also extends to freedom of association.

Making someone do something against their principles, religious or social, is wrong.

However, we should be careful forming laws, lest they be misapplied.

The world is full of all kinds of people.  Good, bad and in between, we live in this world together.   Whether we get together is up to us.

What should unite us is our right to be free.  The Constitutional Republic guarantees that.  Yet, we are only as free as we allow ourselves

Force majeure will be a destructive whirlwind tearing us apart.

Or force majeure is the certainty we will be free, live in liberty.  It is a force of nature and nature's God.


pinky said...

What more need be said. Look at the way the gaystopo is behaving in Indiana and elsewhere.

Mike H said...

It's heterophobia, Christophobia and cultural Marxism mixed in a putrid casserole to be force fed anyone the collectivists target.

7fedup said...

And gays who get it are treated as 'uncle Toms' and/or given the same medicine.

teacher said...

It's more 'divide et impera. Also look at hat's going on when these events smoke screen.

Mike H said...

Iran for instance. This is all just solidifying executive/federal power.