Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting E Into HS

Our adventure so far getting Erica our daughter, into my alma mater, North Central in Indy.

It boils down to homeschooling her for the time being.

Not living in the district, we applied for nonresident tuition status. In spite of her 4.0, superior test scores and popularity, Erica was rejected. It was explained there were many applicants. That's to be expected. Even when I was there, quite a few wanted to attend North Central.

I resolved to move into the district. The wheels have been turning slowly on that. It's merely a matter of timing and money.

In the meantime, we will homeschool her til we move her into the district or we pay tuition.

BTW I asked our Governor if he would send a note to the principal, asking him to consider our daughter for tuition. A small favor, I think.

I did not ask him to coerce the principal. Just wanted him, a prominant alumnist to do me this courtesy. His assistant was the usual obtuse tool. Her attitude changed from cordiality to vociferousness at the suggestion the Governor dare do this. One can certainly refuse a request, but someone should teach Mitch's people manners. Then again this is the bunch that let a fiat rule be enacted for no guns in the Statehouse.

She kept reiterating that it was the principal's decision. Duh.

I told her that in my line of business, phone calls and notes are frequently sent to up the odds of having a favorable decision come one's way. This did not impress her.

Hey Mitch, old classmate, send your lackeys to charm school. Bluntness has its place, but tact might help. I have been and am again in business, albeit a very different kind from the past.

Surely he isn't remembering his youthful mistakes? Hmmm. Then, shall we say, I had the upper hand when his indiscretion was adversely affecting me. Oh well.

So, to make a short story long, we visited the principal, Mr. Quandt. Seemed nice enough. After explaining that I as an alumnist, would appreciate his attention to the matter at hand. Self promotion never hurts. He met Erica, Will and the kids' Mom. We are very convincing.

So, as a hedge against possibly not getting moved to the district soon enough, we are reapplying with the kind personal attention of the principal.

I realize there are limits. But, limits can be extended. There are rules. They can be bent. Flexibility keeps the tree from snapping in two. It indeed merely bends then snaps back.

No compromise when it comes to liberty. But we are talking school rules. Then again it is the liberal system that has replaced true education in this country. The bureaucracy is tremendous. Look at how hard they work on it.

I will get Erica into my alma mater. I've checked the school out and of course it's infected with liberalism. But, Erica has learned to be true to her principles and to see clearly how 'things' are constructed.

The fact is my ex and I are willing to home school her, at least a while again. We did so til 6th grade and Will through his freshman year.

Plus, she wants to get into show biz. I intend to see to that too. There the challenge will be living and schooling in Southern California.

I will do whatever I can that's decent and moral and of the Light for my kids. I hope that's the lesson that remains at the end of the day.


teacher said...

These days you might be better off homeschooling her.

Mike H said...

In some ways. But as I said, she has a pretty good head, we talk and there are some social advantages that would be healthy for her. Besides, she can hone her debating skills -s-.


Mike H said...

She's happily ensconced at Herron HS. Quandt dropped the ball. But with rampant cheating and a rape to deal with, he probably had his hands full. He never got back with me. I never told him our decision. I'm ashamed of my alma mater. This guy retired as of last January. Don't let the door hit you on the way out -s-.