Saturday, August 28, 2010


At the 30 year reunion for North Central, a girl, well woman was talking to me. I remembered her from a couple of classes we took together.

In the course of the conversation, she revealed that she had liked me and would have gone out with me if I had asked her.

OMG! At the time, true I was helping take care of my Dad, who was dying. He always asked me, though, if I was going out and having fun, dates friends etc.

I told him sure.

This got me to thinking about the girls I asked out and did not. And a friend's mention of not being asked to dance.

There were a couple who shall remain nameless. They were in my acting class. Sweet pretty and unassuming despite that said attractiveness.

I even worked on a scene with them at one of their houses! Yipes!

Yet I never asked them out. Dad would have only been an excuse and a rightful one maybe. Nonetheless I SHOULD have.

Instead one time I hemmed and hawed about a girl for a date who was a self centered biotch.

I paced and twitched, finally calling. She said she was busy that night.

After that I ignored her.

That was a pattern that repeated itself several times.

Regrets I have a few......

Not anymore. I will live and not ever pass up people to care about.


BobbyT said...

Never let fate pass you by again sport.

kava said...

But don't let it lead you by the nose.