Monday, August 30, 2010

Dark Stage Memory

I stood in the dark auditorium.

For all intents and purposes, it's where my acting work began. Work without pay and long hours training.

I could feel the accumulated energy the place held, as though waiting for me to release it. It was the loud quiet save for my footsteps.

I saw a table and two chairs onstage, as though frozen in time from scenes we'd do in acting class and drama club. The stage was backlit, allowing me to just see down the aisle to the apron.

I put my arms on it and put my head down shortly, simply thinking back.

Stepping onto that stage, the class/club watching, the teacher watching critically but helpfully. Rehearsed scenes with girls I liked (should have dated), with other classmates who have mostly gone onto other things and with a couple who got into the biz. Improv and staged readings and solo scenes, one of which left the class speechless in its intensity.

Nerves turning to energy, creating thrills like no others.

Living in the moment, giving all I had. Suffering, pain, crashing. Then rising bruised and dirty to finally fly

I have done many other things. I have attempted to apply what I learned about life to all my life and have done so with varying results.

Study of self of others of peeling back the layers of experience to reveal a moment, a feeling, thought, deed.

There is nothing like it.

And the lights come on, the murmurs die down and it's showtime. I will appear onstage til my stage goes dark again.

Yet, I hope to leave a spark for others on the way.


teacher said...

Well put son.

kava said...

Hollywood needs you.