Monday, August 6, 2007

What's In It For Me?

Is this even a question that should cross our minds in our efforts to restore the Republic? The title question reminds me of the guy in the Patriot who signed up to fight England for whatever bounty and booty he could get. When things got too tough for him, when the profit line was cut with too much risk, he quit.

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred Honor. These men had significant differences amongst themselves. Many were wealthy landowners. Some had slaves and some did not. Though Jefferson tried to include wording that condemned slavery, several Southern representatives refused to ratify unless he struck said wording. In the interest of Freedom in the long run, he did so. One thing at a time. Sad? Yes. But it was necessary to institute and legitimize our Independence. Reminds me of the fact that both sides offered Freedom to slaves who fought. As I have said before, human nature doesn't change, just technology.

And as noted before, many lost all or greatly as a result of fighting for Freedom. Lives, property, families, libraries. Yet, with the human imperfection inherent, they did not flag or falter. After much loss, a nation was born. It was a new experiment, never to actually be repeated completely again-as yet, anywhere else. A Constitutional Republic.

It's that very fact that makes the struggle worth it. Through all the faults, we have learned much and changed much. Yet, attitude remains the same for many. There is still hatred for race, creed, position etc. We cannot change much without the help of God, whether it's Great Spirit or any other moniker. We are, however, entitled to believe what we want. We can associate with whom we please. But we must NOT get in the way of anyone else. My Freedom stops at the end of another's nose!

Of course, I'm not talking of social deviancy vis a vis murder rape etc. I have actually heard pedophiles attempt to hijack our Freedom to excuse their evil.

The men who died in the Alamo were a similar bunch to the Founders. The motives were doubtless many. Yet they chose to stay and sacrifice themselves for Freedom.

So it is today. I have pledged similarly although not as spectacularly to give my all to stop the slide into democracy. I band with folks who have many views. Some of them with whom I agree. Some not.

For some it is the method they use to fight the fight that rankles me. I believe we should disseminate info, not distill it. Put it on the table for all, not just one's own group. Leaders are those sometimes at the head but always wise enough to realize we all play a part. In other words, don't let everything come through one person/source. Let it flow from many streams to form a mighty river that becomes an ocean for renewal of Freedom.

I will say that those who tend to 'hog the show' and those of us who prefer to let many hands make light work are of one resolve. We are working to restore the Republic. And in the long run, I do not know any who care to have statues made nor be mentioned in books. If there are some of that ilk, I hope they enjoy it. I just want a Republic for my kids and their kids. And for them to be aware that they must carry on the torch, that the Light of Freedom never goes out.

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Anonymous said...

Glory's a funny thing. What do you want your kids to grow up in? An alphabet soup democracy aka nazi germany or soviet russia? Not for me or my kids. Right on Mike H!