Friday, August 31, 2007

Robin Hood

One of my favorite stories from chidhood. I read many a book. I watched Errol Flynn, Richard Greene etal. I played with toy swords and 'fought' the villains and rescued imaginary damsels in distress. Maybe it's one of the reasons I decided to become an actor/writer!

The leftists/one worlders have tried to hijack the story. Rob from the rich and give to the poor etc. They are dead wrong.

History becomes legend and legend becomes myth (Yes, Gandolf said that in Lord of the Rings. I'm a lit./moviephile after all). Therefore, such tales like Robin Hood are malleable to many viewpoints. Even the Founders have been manipulated to be something they were not or at least lie and truth were mixed to water down our history and thus Freedom. Here is what I think Robin Hood stands for.

Those men fought for Freedom against tyranny/oppression. The common people were put upon. Even the little they had was taken to fatten the pockets of a 'noble class'. Robin Hood became an outlaw because he opposed those fat cats. He did not redistribute the wealth. He gave back to the people what was taken from them. He showed that true nobility is of the heart no matter where and how born. Keep in mind we are talking feudal England. Keep in mind that Freedom is timeless and evolved finally to breaking from England and forming the only Constitutional Republic ever (so far).

Try to take what's mine and I'll fight. Remember the 4 boxes. There is a point where we must remember 'no compromise'. A lot has been taken. A lot must be returned. Petition the king for a while then say no more. Our country needs a great Restoration. Teach this grassroots, one at a time. Start 'brushfires' in the minds of men. Be inspired by such tales. Then make your own history!

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