Sunday, November 29, 2015

Red Guard

Ah kids.  I don't know if the old argument of nurture or nature is relevant, perhaps.  I do know some kids are raised collectivist/elitist, such as you know who (I might post about something that has been on my mind about such).  Some are raised Freedom minded/selfdetermined.  Many are raised like Topsy.  Abuse on all levels has its results.

There is a difference between being raised open minded and thinking for oneself.  The former is a danger of a vacuum being filled by whatever might fill it.  The latter gives one a foundation for not just selfexamination but the study of just about anything.  With protection and experience, anything dark can be kept at bay. 

Often the college years are the most vulnerable.  Before, there is the refuge of home, perhaps friends and mentors of like mind.  And, depending on what I mentioned above, it can lead to systematic programming/mind control.  Not at all a 'conspiracy nut' theory, it is a common collectivist tactic.  A vessel will be filled with whatever is available.

All the claptrap at UM is a supreme example of this.  The terms, “microaggression,” “trigger warning” and “safe space” are well actual 'trigger' examples.  As in hypnosis, those keywords/terms utilize a nitpicking which spills into all of life. 

I read about the pampered collectivist dweebs agitating kids and immediately thought of the Red Chinese Red Guard.  I'm not the only one.  The analogy is floating round the net etc.1

Cultural upheaval is endemic to collectivism.  Based on lies and half truths, it cannot survive the test of time without revision.  In a sense, these commies eat their own.  Noone/nothing is sacred.  History is rewritten.  Keep em moving and they mightnot notice how false the premise is. 

I recommend Snapping as one avenue of explanation.

As for rewriting history, look and see how collectivists are excising Confederate events.  See how figures of history are compromised.  Note how events and people are out right erased.

For that try The Commissar Vanishes as a jump off point.

There is always much more and in the times to come, God willing I'll talk of it.  I'll expose and shine the light.

As always repudiate this neo Red Guard silliness as a threat to our own life.  Don't under nor over estimate.

The only safe space is the truth and facing fear.


teacher said...

Forced segregation plus all the hatred and no shame. An attempt to nullify and destroy the Dream.

Cary Schwartz said...

Content of character indeed. These lil commie whelps have none.