Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bon Bons And Bond

Cultural Marxism has wended its way into the world of James Bond, like the slow moldering rot it is.

Some of our 'progressives' (regressives) suggest it's time for a gay or female Bond.  They never stop trying to rewrite the cultural matrix. 

I believe and it's been postulated elsewhere too, that they can't come up with their own character of value so they want to appropriate Bond.  Typical collectivist tactic.

The results are the same as with all the rest of their drivel.  It drives people apart, polarizes them.  They are easier to control that way.

It's also been suggested Bond could be black.  Parallels are often fallaciously drawn between race, orientation and gender.  They are not the same.  They are different categories blended together to both drive people apart and to destroy the infrastructure.

People should simply be left alone.  When they are, the similarities come to the surface and that defeats collectivism.

Now there are a great many folks who are talented and if they want a gay or female or black etc hero, invent one.  Don't steal.

Bond was conceived by Ian Fleming as a white/European heterosexual male.  Even Roger Moore agrees.

He's been quoted saying just that.  He wasn't being homophobic, misogynistic or racist.  Bond is what Bond is.  Moore is a hoplophobe and dislikes guns however.

Some people are afraid of things.  I say that this particular instance is collectivist knee jerking and broad brushing.  Personally, I am not afraid of a lot of things of which libs often accuse people.  That's a whole other topic for later.

Progressives have responded that Moore is the least Fleming like Bond.  It's just plain silly.  Sure, some things have swerved, but he filled the bill well enough.  And fave Bonds etc is certainly another subject.

Interestingly, at least two efforts were made to produce a dynamic female agent as an 'offspring' from Bond films.  Wei Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies was supposed to come back in Die Another Day.  Michelle Yeoh's schedule couldn't accommodate so she was replaced with the second female agent, Jinx.

Halle Berry's character was developed into a possible spin off, but it ultimately got shelved.

Hart to Hart is coming back to television as a gay couple.  Maybe that'll placate the gay mafia.  It's certainly a different dynamic than Bond.

I might be lambasted for the title of this post.  I'm just trying to be a bit catchy -s-.

It's ok for collectivists to be cute etc.  But I'm not them.

As David Codrea says 'for progressives, every day is opposite day'.

Things are sweet enough.  Or bitter, if you will.

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