Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I've met several extras or as they prefer, background actors.  They are the people you see in certain scenes, walking past, around eating at other tables etc while the principles are engaged in action/dialog. 

Often, especially in restaurant scenes, background actors can be scene to be quite mobile.  They make gestures and talk animatedly.  A smart director narrows focus.  A smart extra keeps it toned down.

Look everywhere and so many in show biz, politics everywhere, are clamoring for attention.

Some are worth it, most are nt.  I avoid a lot of it, personally and professionally, unless I have something to say and/or I won't mention names nor circumstances, there is enough 'attention' -s-.  Decide for yourself what's is worthy of yours.

Chitchat is ok, but it should be brief and lead to other things.

Attention can be gotten without stripping or yelling. Some people have 'it' or they don't.  Some people think position is enough.  Nope.  Content of character and message count.

So be subjective and don't bust a gasket

October is rolling in.  The TROLLS are coming...


streaker said...

David Codrea had this at War On Guns:

Mike H said...

Touching. David is right btw re actors and qualifications just because of fame.

Mike H said...

Here's another good one.

Cult of personality indeed.