Sunday, September 27, 2015

Psycho Rising

I'm reminded of opportunities watching The Walking Dead.  The scenario lends itself to some elemental situations where one has to **** or get off the pot.  Figure those out for yourselves -s-.

I'm particularly thinking of 'triggers' or circumstances which allow the veneer to be stripped away, presenting what lies underneath.

A lot of people plod hrough life uneventfully.  Nothing is particularly significant.  They may never reach a potential.  Until, until events align that throw them into action.

The Governor on TWD is a negative example.  He had a middling job, wife and daughter.  He complained of the college boy genius who was his superior.

Now I will say sometimes there are those 'supervisors' who do not meet expectations/potential.  Or those ho assume the reins who screw up what was established.

That aside, The Governor was prezombie holocaust a psychopath in check.  The opportunity never upped him as it were. 

Then devastation and deprivation rose.  His psychopathy rose.  So it may go in real life.

I'm not fretting about below the surface loons champing at the bit to wreak havoc.  There will always be opportunists waiting in the wings.  Need I say look at Congress, Oval Office or Chicago mayors office?

THEY need to worry.  Indeed the monsters actions to stifle Freedom speak for themselves.

The tide turns.  The opportunity presents itself.

As psychos rise ie Stalin Hitler the current occupier of the Oval Office, so too rise opposition.

Heroes, though they never declare themselves such, meet the challenge, into the fray.

It could be the most unlikely.


teacher said...

'ho assume' lol

Mike H said...

Yo ho ho